If you chose your educational path to help people then perhaps the most challenging experience you will have in helping is during a disaster or an emergency.  We use our shared Bounce Day classroom to practice the skills most critical to emergency preparedness and disaster response.  Skills like team work and effective communication.  We practice how to deal with chaos and adapt to working with less than we are accustomed to.  We identify the role and responsibility we have on the team and identify who will do what and who will be accountable.  It turns out, that these are important skills in a disaster, but they are also just as important in doing our best for our patients every day.

You can join the Bounce Day simulation in many ways,

  • first response:  getting out there and finding those who need help;
  • Triage and first aid;
  • Field Hospital/critical care
  • Family reunification/psychological first aid;
  • Immunizations clinic: organize a mass dispensing clinic
  • Refugee camp: manage the resettlement and care of displaced persons.

Interested in knowing why we use zombies in our simulation?